Education at CVVR

In addition to material and technical support, the Center for Virology and Vaccine Research offers a rich intellectual environment for early stage investigators and students. CVVR hosts weekly meetings for its postdoctoral fellows and graduate students to discuss ongoing work, as well as bi-monthly journal club lunches and weekly CVVR seminars with invited speakers. All postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty are regularly encouraged to submit abstracts and to attend conferences and other professional meetings.

Young Investigator Committee

CVVR has established a Young Investigator Committee to identify critical issues affecting young and early career investigators working within CVVR. The Committee serves as a place where junior faculty, senior postdoctoral fellows, and others interested in academic research careers can network with each other, build fruitful collaborations, and discuss challenges in research, career development, and promotions. The Committee works closely with the CVVR director in providing concrete resources to help young investigators to establish independence. In addition, the Committee advocates within CVVR for issues that specifically concern young investigators. 

Young Investigator Committee Site