Publications - R. Keith Reeves, Ph.D.

NK Cells

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Innate Lymphoid Cells

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Mucosal Homing of pDCs and Immune Activation in HIV/SIV Disease

Reeves, R. K., Evans, T. I., Gillis, J., Wong, F. E., Kang, G., Li, Q., and Johnson, R. P.  2012.  SIV infection induces increased trafficking of plasmacytoid dendritic cells to the gut mucosa. Journal of Infect. Dis. 206(9):1462-1468. 

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Development of a Novel HCV Animal Model in Common Marmosets

Reeves, R. K., Evans, T. I., Fultz, P.N., and Johnson, R. P.  2011. Potential confusion of contaminating CD16+ mDCs with anergic CD16+ NK cells in chimpanzees. Eur. J. Immunol. 41(4):1070-1074.

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Immune Correlates of Protection in Live Attenuated SIV

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