Tissue Technologies Unit (TTU)

The TTU is a new histology and spatial biology core facility established within the existing Immunology Technologies Core in the Center for Virology and Vaccines Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical

Center, Harvard Medical School. Our goal is to provide research orientated histology and spatial biology support for the CVVR and other academic and industry clients in the greater Boston area.

Message from the core director, Chi Ngai Chan Ph.D.


I was trained in all things tissue as a postdoc in the lab of Jake Estes (VGTI Oregon), who pioneered the application of the next-gen ISH technique RNAScope for HIV-1/SIV research. Although my background is in HIV-research, over the years I have worked on spatial biology projects that involved COVID, gene therapy, diets and development, neuroscience and more. Together with Sizun Jiang, we developed PANINI, a highplex method that when combined with MIBI, can simultaneously measure over 30 protein and nucleic acid parameters on a single FFPE section.

I took this spirit of scientific curiosity and collaboration to the next level when I was appointed the associate director of the Integrated Pathology Core in the Oregon National Primate Research Center in 2021. My core lab took care of the histology and spatial biology needs of a wide variety of research labs in the Primate center and worked with researchers within the Portland area as well. I specialized in tackling tough IHC/ISH experiments and novel assay development, leading to co-authorship in published papers in journals such as PNAS and Stem Cell Reports within a year of my appointment.

Moving to Boston in 2023, and in conjunction with the Jiang lab I will bring cutting edge spatial biology platforms such as NanoString’s CosMX and Akoya’s CODEX to the Longwood Research community. I tell my clients that if you have a need for an IHC, ISH or multiplex experiment on FFPE or frozen tissues, we are your A-Team, your best chance for success!

For all your tissue assay needs, please contact me at cchan13@bidmc.harvard.edu

TTU Lab Images

Overlay RM Brain

Multiplex immunofluorescent staining of rhesus macaque brain at the threshold between grey and white matter. Blue = DAPI; Green = GFAP; Red = NeuN

CD20 CD4 PD-1 LN

Multiplex immunofluorescent staining of rhesus macaque Lymph node B-cell follicle and T cell zone. Green = CD20; Cyan = CD3; Purple = PD-1; Grey = DAPI

Hamster Lung

RNAscope Singleplex on the lungs of J&J vaccinated and unvaccinated hamster infected with SARS-CoV-2. Red = Virus