Jiang Laboratory

Principal Investigator: Sizun Jiang,Ph.D.

The Jiang lab seeks to investigate host-disease interactions in their native tissue context by leveraging upon technologies developed in-house or otherwise (eg MIBI, CODEX, GeoMx), such as high-dimensional tissue imaging for nucleic acids and proteins. We seek to understand host immune responses against viruses (such as HIV, SIV, SARS-CoV-2, EBOV), cancers (eg lymphomas) and immune dysregulation (eg HIV, lymphomas, Chronic Rhinosinusitis). We partner with clinical collaborators in our quest towards a systems-level understanding of the immune-disease interface through 1) archival clinical samples, 2) small and large animal models and 3) organoid systems. By combining technology development with the questions above, we will decipher higher-order host-disease interactions to understand disease mechanisms with the long-term goal of improving therapeutics.

We are always looking for talented future colleagues at various levels, on both the computational and experimental sides! Do get in touch with Dr. Sizun Jiang.

The lab’s scientific approach can be summarized as follows: