Santra Laboratory

Principal Investigator: Sampa Santra, Ph.D.

Dr. Santra’s primary research interest is the use of nonhuman primates as models for AIDS vaccine development.  She has extensive experience in evaluating T cell immune responses to SIV and SHIVs.  She has also been involved in developing several new SHIVs for use in nonhuman primate vaccine challenge models.  She serves the role of PI on a NIH-NIAID contract for Preclinical Cellular Immunology Core and the NHP core of the NIAID CHAVI-ID (Duke) grant.  For this IPCAVD grant, she will be involved in the pre-clinical nonhuman primate studies where they will be using an optimal HIV-1 Env immunogen to immunize monkeys to elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies.  She will also determine the optimum dose in the NHP study to be later used in clinical trials and assess safety and toxicity.