Walsh Laboratory

Principal Investigator: Stephen R. Walsh, M.D.

Dr. Stephen R. Walsh is an experienced clinician-scientist with expertise in cellular immunology, virology, and clinical vaccinology. He is presently a Co-Investigator at the NIAID-funded Harvard HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials Unit. His current area of research focuses on elucidating the role of skin-homing poxvirus-specific T cells in immune responses elicited by MVA and Dryvax and is funded by a K23 from NIAID. Currently, the Walsh Laboratory is establishing cutting-edge flow cytometric protocols for identification of poxvirus-specific T cells and is planning two clinical trials that will extend our findings with the MVA vaccine into the epicutaneous route and into subjects with atopic dermatitis and eczema. Dr. Walsh is a member of the HVTN Protocol Committee and is also co-chair of an HVTN protocol.