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Tissue Biology

Understanding how immune cells exert functions in their native context is fundamental towards deciphering engineering better defenses against viral infections or cancer. CVVR investigators collaboratively combine their deep expertise in translational immunology, viral pathogenesis and technological breakthroughs in spatial-omics to tackle intractable questions in infectious diseases.

Technology Development and Applications

Key breakthroughs in biological research often results from combining engineering innovative solutions to address fundamental questions. CVVR investigators are developing creative molecular tools to re-interrogate key questions in virus-host interactions and immune responses to diseases, thus enabling new insights into targetable therapeutics.

RCAD002 / IAVI R002

We are looking for healthy men and women ages 18-50 years old for a clinical trial of an experimental HIV vaccine given in capsule form. Note: it is impossible to get HIV infection from the study vaccine.


This study assessed two different dosages of an investigational Zika Virus vaccine in healthy adults. The study closed enrollment in September 2018. Data analysis is underway.


This study assessed different vaccine schedules using two experimental HIV vaccines in healthy HIV-negative adults. The study started in March 2016 and was completed in January 2019.

Medical All-Stars

The Boston Red Sox honored Dr.Stephenson on June 7th,2019 as a Medical All-Star for her work in the HIV research field.


This study evaluated different vaccine schedules using an investigational Zika Virus vaccine in healthy adults. The study started in October 2016 and was completed in June 2018.