The Story of One Dose Inside the sprawling operational puzzle of bringing the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine to the public.

NYmag narrates a bit on how the Barouch lab contributed to the development of the JNJ single dose COVID vaccine. Read Article


An HIV lab’s pivot to develop a single-dose Covid-19 vaccine wins STAT Madness ‘Editors’ Pick’

The Barouch lab wins’ the 2021 STAT Madness Editors’ Pick for their pivot to develop a single-dose COVID-19 Vaccine. Read Article


A City in Brazil’s Amazon Rain Forest Is a Stark Warning about COVID to the Rest of the World

Manaus and cities like it will continue to generate dangerous viral variants if vaccination campaigns are not expanded to broadly reach all nations, rich or poor. Read Article

Plan to Ditch the Mask After Vaccination? Not So Fast.

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Merck to help rival Johnson & Johnson make COVID-19 vaccine

The pharmaceutical giant Merck will help manufacture the newly authorized single-shot COVID-19 vaccine of its rival Johnson & Johnson. Read Article

The first Johnson & Johnson vaccines have been shipped. What’s next?

If Pfizer and Moderna threw the first big punches, if all goes well, Johnson & Johnson may be the blow that COVID never saw coming. NBC News Correspondent Ellison Barber, NBC News Reporter Vaughn Hillyard, and lead researcher for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Dr. Dan Barouch join Katy Tur to discuss. See Article

Covid-19 Vaccines Yield Breakthroughs in Long-Term Fight Against Infectious Disease

Researchers in gene-based technology produced a class of vaccines they believe can protect against all manner of outbreaks in the years to come. Read Article


FDA issues emergency use authorization for Johnson & Johnson vaccine

This is the third COVID-19 vaccine authorized by the FDA and the first one that requires just one dose. Read Article