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The Bad Side of CD4 T Cells

CVVR in the News: “Vaccine-Induced CD4 T Cells Lead to Adverse Effect in a Mouse Model of Infection” – Science Daily, Jan 15, 2015 “A study led by investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) has found that a vaccine that elicits only CD4 T cells against a mouse model of a chronic viral infection results […]

New Vaccine Shows Protection in Monkeys

Dan Barouch and colleagues reported in the journal Science on July 17th that an adenovirus-based HIV vaccine demonstrated complete protection in 50% of vaccinated animals against a series of repeated, heterologous, intrarectal SIV challenges that infected all controls. Protective efficacy correlated with the functionality of Env-specific antibody responses. Comparable protection was also observed with a similar Ad/Env […]